Chester, Nova Scotia – The Fo’c’sle, Julien’s, The Rope Loft, The Kiwi Café

I know my blog is meant to be about checking out the Ottawa restaurants first, but since I was down east in Nova Scotia for a couple of weeks in June & July, I figured I’d blog on the places I ate. There were a couple of days before June 30 that I was down in Halifax, but because I got food poisoning at one of the places I ate at during that time, I’m not really comfortable blogging about the food at any of the restaurants I went to (no matter how good it tasted at the time). So I’m going to start with my restaurant visits in Chester. Lunenburg and Mahone Bay will follow in other posts.

Before I get into the restaurants, though, I do want to make special mention of The Mecklenburgh Inn, my B&B in Chester. Suzi, the owner, makes AMAZING breakfasts, some of which I was able to photograph (see below). Don’t expect the usual bacon and eggs though; each morning was something different, and always very tasty. So if you’re looking for a nice, friendly place to stay with great food to start your day, I highly recommend The Mecklenburgh Inn.

June 30, 2011

On my first night in Chester, I went down to the local pub called The Fo’c’sle for dinner. It is in the middle of the village and it’s very much a pub for the most part, with a bar area taking up most of the building, and a small dining area at one end. I decided to sit in the dining area since it was a bit quieter.

I had been told that it was wing night (aka sale on chicken wings), so I decided I’d give those a try, but I also ordered the maple walnut spinach salad. To drink I went with a bottle of Propeller Ginger Beer.

I’d heard of ginger beer, but I’d never had a chance to try it before. I guess I had been expecting it to be golden coloured like ginger ale, because I was surprised to see that it was actually clear. I rather enjoyed it and would have it again if the opportunity arises. I sipped on this until my food arrived, and it was good at easing the greasiness of the wings as I ate them.

The chicken wings came with a bbq dipping sauce and were honestly kind of average as far as wings go. As I mentioned above, they were greasy, which is to be expected of wings, but the chicken itself wasn’t fabulous either.

The salad on the other hand was great. The dressing came on the side, so you could put as much as you wanted on it rather than it being drowned. The spinach was not wilty and I liked the touch of the mushrooms and goat’s cheese. I could have done with a bit less onions (not a big fan of raw onions), but it didn’t spoil the salad.

Overall my dinner was decent, despite the wings.


July 1, 2011

After walking around the village in the morning, I stopped in a little café/bakery called Julien’s for a late lunch. I ordered their summer salad, which had potato salad, cheese, deli meat, risotto salad and a berry salad along with some egg, tomato and a slice of bread. It was a delicious, light lunch, which was what I needed on a warm day.


That evening I decided to try The Rope Loft, a restaurant that sits on the water’s edge and has a great view of the area. For those who watch the tv show “Haven,” you may recognize it from the first season as “The Grey Gull” restaurant.

Being on the east coast, I knew I needed to try different fish-related dishes, so I went with a classic this time and ordered the fish & chips, which came with coleslaw and tartar sauce for dipping. I got a nice piece of haddock in a light beer batter that I really enjoyed, but the fries were a disappointment as I had hoped for fresh cut, but they appeared to be more like the frozen variety.

As it was Canada Day, the restaurant was offering a special strawberry margarita for the holiday. Not really Canadian, but it did have the red and white of the Canuck flag. It was pretty good, although the whipped cream on top was a bit too much for me at the time.

I chose to have some dessert, and I went with the pecan flan (although I would call it pie, but anyway!). It was quite sweet, which is to be expected with this particular flan/pie, but it was quite nice.

Overall a good dinner, even with the so-so fries.


July 5, 2011

After a few days of trying the food in different towns, I was back to dinner in Chester and The Fo’c’sle. This time I did take out of a Mecklenburger and fries with coleslaw. The burger had mushrooms and onions and bacon, and was lovely and juicy. The fries were fresh cut and the slaw was nice and creamy.

All in all, a very yummy dinner and highly recommended!


July 6, 2011

On my last full day in Chester, I decided to finally visit a little café I’d seen in my wanderings called The Kiwi Café. The inside has some seating, but as it was a lovely, summery day I decided to sit outside on their patio. I went through their menu and decided on their fresh brewed iced tea and the Thai chicken wrap with a side salad.

I love brewed iced tea, and this one was good, but it needed some sugar since I like it a bit sweet.

I really enjoyed the wrap; the dressing used was a delicious orange and sesame vinaigrette that didn’t overpower the flavour of the chicken. The salad was a nice, light addition to the meail.

I decided to take home one of their huge brownies and a drink they called the Arnold Palmer: their brewed iced tea and lemonade. Both were pretty good, but I’ll admit I’ve had better.

All together Kiwi Café delivers a pretty decent meal.


That night I went back to The Rope Loft and decided to go the appetizer only route. I chose tomato and basil bruschetta as well as coconut-battered shrimp with pineapple curry dip.

I’m not a fan of coconut as a general rule, but I REALLY liked the coconut-battered shrimp with the dip. If I’d known it was going to be as good as it was, I would have just that in a double order. It had the right amount of spicy sweetness and it wasn’t too greasy either.

The bruschetta was good, but in comparison to the shrimp, well, it couldn’t compare! It was like many other bruschetta I’ve had elsewhere, so it didn’t particularly stand out for me.

All in all, while this was a fairly simple dinner, it was made all the better by my discovery of the delectable coconut-battered shrimp.



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